Toluse Dove Francis

  • Founder, Reuel Consulting Ltd.

Toluse Dove Francis also known as �The Mentalist� has been a consistent champion for Mental Health and Workplace Wellness in Nigeria; Volunteering as a counselor and trainer, Toluse has trained over 1000 mental health counselors, provided resources to over 11,000 persons on a single platform and has worked with companies across different industries. As a mental health educator, he is constantly educating people across the world through his courses which till date has over 14,000 enrolments, YouTube videos (The Mentalist), and podcast (Rising Heroes Podcast). Toluse has received training in Biochemistry, Mental Health, Human Nutrition, Product Management, Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Scrum Master, Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and an Executive MBA. Toluse had a brief stint as the COO of Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative Toluse has published books such as Eat Fit: A nutritional blueprint for healthy living, Beyond Blue: a step by step to coping with grief and loss, preventing and managing depression, Here is How to break up stress, How to love yourself: a guide to being your very best and his most recent being A Practical Guide to Stop Snoring. He is currently the Founder of Reuel Consulting Ltd offering services such as research, therapy, training and coaching. He can be reached across all social media platform as @tolusefrancis and his blog Achievements, Awards and Positions: 2020- Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) 100 Under 40 2020-Finalist, Ynaija African Prize for Culture and Diversity 2019-Finalist, African Youth Awards 2017-Winner, Health Writer of the Year(Nigerian Writers Award) 2015-Health Blogger of the Year, Nigeria Voluntary Positions 2019-Asst. Sec., United States Government Exchanges Alumni Association 2019-Board Director(Africa) World Federation for Mental Health 2019-Appointed article reviewer by the Journal of Clinical Psychology 2021- Peer Reviewer- Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy 2021-General Secretary, Rotary Club of Iponri, District 9110 2021-President-Elect. Rotary Club of Iponri, District 9110 2021-General Secretary, United States Government Exchanges Alumni Association 2021-Chairman Independent Electoral Committee, YALI Nigeria Alumni Chapter 2022-President-Rotary Club of Iponri, District 9110 CONFERENCES AND LECTURES Option B: Finding Joy Inspite of: being a lecture delivered at Mental Health Show 2020, Cardiff, United Kingdom Building A Resilient Spirit: Bouncing back in the midst of setbacks; being a talk delivered to participants at the SAMI Health and Wellness Summit, 2020. Lagos, Nigeria The Use Of Mindfulness In Psychological Trauma;being a talk delivered at the Global Youth Mental Health Awareness 2019. Abuja, Nigeria. Mind + Tech: Finding a Balance: delivered to participants of Meadow Hall Foundation�s monthly Educators Meeting Mental Health and the concept of asiwere; being a talk delivered at TedxOsogbo in May 2019. Panel Discussion on Mindfulness and Meditation at TedxYaba Women. 2019 Stress and Fear in the Workplace: being a webinar presented to staff of MRS Holdings 2021 Workplace Stress: being a training at Axxela 2021 PUBLISHED ARTICLES IN JOURNALS Francis, T. D. (2019). The role of psychotherapy in the treatment of Post-partum depression in Nigeria. Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal, 2(2), 56.