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RIMAN/QAZIQUE Online interactive Executive Training on Model Risk Management for Chief Inspectors, CRO�s, CFO�s & ERM Heads

We kindly request for your nomination of participants from your esteemed organisation to attend RIMAN�s virtual interactive executive training on model risk management for middle to top management in internal control/audit, risk management and financial control. For Financial Institutions, Model Governance & Model Risk Management is a critical activity. This an area which is witnessing increased focus and reconsideration due to several factors, The economic effects of COVID19 has led to failure of some models. The outcome of which has come to the attention of Boards, Auditors and Regulators, The increased number of models with Financial Institutions including them in their decision making, Business necessitating faster model development & deployment Regulators publishing guidelines and focusing on a higher degree of scrutiny of model governance and model risk awareness

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