Frequently Asked Questions

    • Pass the CRM Exam Stage I
    • Pass the CRM Exam Stage II
    • Pass the CRM Exam Stage III

    Provide evidence of a minimum of 2 years professional experience

    RIMAN accepts a detailed resume with supporting documents where necessary as evidence of work experience. Professionals in non-risk management related positions, may be required to demonstrate more than 2 years’ work experience depending on the industry, role in the organization and position held. Details of work experience must be entered at membership registration stage. Old members (more than 5 years) must update their profile before registering for the CRM examination.

    RIMAN policy does not consider Industrial attachments and undergraduate internships as work experience however, course facilitation, academic lecturing and research in areas relevant to risk management will be considered as work experience.

    Candidates who have passed all stages of the CRM and have not submitted, details of their work experience must do so within a course of 5 years after passing the exams. Persons who have passed the exams and do not submit evidence of work experience within the specified time (5 years) will be required to re-register and re-write all stages (Stages I, II and III) of the exams.

  • 4 years after passing Stage I. A candidate must pass Stage II within a course of 4 years after passing Stage I and likewise must pass stage III within a course of 4years after passing stage II

  • Contains a total number of five (5) modules designed to provide base level qualifications for persons desiring professional certification in risk management. These five modules are grouped into two categories which include; Global Content (global perspective of risk management) and Nigerian Content (Nigeria country perspective of risk management).

    • Global Content: Fundamentals of Risk Management
      Module I An Introduction to Risk Management
      Module II Quantitative Analysis for Risk Management
      Module III Financial Markets Structure and Instruments
    • Nigerian Content: Nigerian Banking Systems
      Module IV Banking Law, Ethics & Regulations
      Module V Bank Lending Practice
  • CRM candidates must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree or the equivalent.

  • Register online by clicking here REGISTER HERE

    Or Register at RIMAN Secretariat

  • CRM Exam consists of 3 stages. Each stage is broken into two subject matters; Risk Management from a global perspective and Risk Management from the Nigeria country perspective. These two perspectives provide the structure of the various modules/ papers written at each stage of the exam. Stage I contains 5 modules, Stage II contains 6 modules and Stage III contains 4 modules.

    • Stage I
      Global Content: 3 modules
      Nigerian Content: 2 modules
    • Stage II
      Global Content: 4 modules
      Nigerian Content: 2 modules
    • Stage III
      Global Content: 1 modules
      Nigerian Content: 3 modules

    The CRM Exams are Computer-based Test (CBT) written twice a year; in April and October and are multiple choice questions. Each module consists of 30 questions to be answered in one hour. Fresh candidates (Stage I candidates) can only sit for one stage in a diet and are required to pass three modules in stage I before registering for stage II and so on till stage III.

    The CRM Exam is offered in English Language (British) only. In the exam development process, RIMAN makes every effort to ensure that questions are written in a clear and concise form and avoid the use of terms and phrases that might confuse persons whose first language is not English.

  • Candidates can choose to write in any State in Nigeria. Indicate your location on the Exam registration form.

  • CRM Exam registration usually closes six (6) weeks to the Exam. Registration for April, 2021 diet will close on Monday, 1st of March, 2021.