Anushka Bogdanov, Ph.D.

  • Founder and Chairperson Risk Insights, South Africa

She is currently the founder and owner of Risk Insights, she has over 30 years of experience and proven track record in the field of credit risk modelling and risk management strategy. She has also assisted government departments, global banks, DFI�s and companies to review their risk management strategies and direct them to optimizing their balance sheet risk thereby reducing risk and increasing profits with experience in over 55 countries. Her prior experience includes holding the positions of Director Fitch International (Emerging Markets), Head of Value Analytics R89bn book at Nedbank Retail, Group Divisional Credit Executive for DBSA (R39bn book) and Deputy Chief Risk Officer at Absa Capital. Qualifications: ? Post Doctoral Studies ESG, MBA, Honors Financial Management and Bachelor of Administration ? Advanced Certified Corporate Director � Harvard Business School ? Advisory Board member of Global New Champions Board at World Economic Forum (WEF) � Current ? Member of Professional Risk Management Association � USA ? Associate � Institute of Risk Management SA ? Certified Corporate Director � Harvard Business School ? Certified International Director ? Certified Sustainable Leadership � Institute of Leadership Cambridge ? Several Executive Development Leadership programs: ? Rotman Business School Canada ? Schulich Business School Canada ? Singularity SA ? Chaired on various Audit and Risk Committees for both public and private sectors for the past ten years ? Board member for Nautilus (a hedge fund Manco subsidiary of the JSE) ? Member of the Audit Committee for Department of Small Business Development and a NED and Lead Independent of the Board of EOH � 2019 to mid- 2020 ? Past Chairperson of XDS � third largest credit bureau in Africa 2019- 2020 ? Founder of TFIN Financial Services Credit Provider