Mrs. Eileen Shaiyen, CRM

  • Executive Vice Chairman H. Pierson Associate Ltd

Eileen is a seasoned specialist in Risk and Strategy. She is the founder and Executive Vice Chairperson of H. Pierson Associates, a boutique Management Consulting firm that, over three decades, has served various sectors of the economy - Financial Services, Power, Oil & Gas, Governments, Manufacturing & Services and Technology in Nigeria and Africa. As the founder and Executive Vice Chairperson of H. Pierson, Eileen has led numerous high-impact consulting deals for leading corporates, governments and regulators, across the firm�s key practices of Strategy, Risk, Human Resource Management and Learning. Eileen is a respected speaker and also delivers bespoke workshops at board and executive levels. She also expends part of her professional time providing CEO advisory and coaching sessions. She holds several fellowships and has attended several international training programmes, including at the Harvard Business School. She holds an MBA in Finance and Investments from the George Washington University in Washington DC, and a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Ife, Ile Ife