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Fundamentals of Risk Management provides a basic to intermediary perspective of the core aspects of risk management, which include, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk Management. While it does have a prevalent financial sector theme, its applicability is both multi sectoral and dynamic. It covers basic to intermediary level of the three core areas of risk management including foundational levels of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management This course will provide requisite knowledge towards building awareness of specific risks such as Credit, Market and Operational Risk. Training Objectives: Participants will be able to: � Recognize the value of risk management � Explain how the fundamental concepts and principles of risk management apply at various levels � Describe how risk management is developed and evaluated in order to support better decisions to effectively manage risk. � Analyse specific risk management frameworks and different types of risk � Explore the main risk measurement and management tools � Know how risk standards are developed and identify key criteria for implementing controls, procedures and regulatory process Training Content Module I: Introduction to Risk Management ? Definitions ? Concept of Enterprise Risk Management (Overview of various terms) ? Overview of Risk Management ? Risk appetite, probability, uncertainty, and the volatility of cash flows ? Corporate governance � The role of the Board of Directors and Management ? Defining strategic goals and the linkage to risk management ? Types and causes of risk ? The use of risk management tools Module II: Credit Risk Management ? Types of Credit Risk ? Pre-settlement ? Settlement ? Post-Settlement ? Components of Credit Risk ? Probability of Default, ? Loss Given Default ? Exposure at Default. ? The Credit Risk Management Process ? Credit Risk Rating Systems ? Basel Requirements ? Types-Obligor, Facility ? Rating Approaches- Statistical, Hybrid and Judgement ? Importance of Credit Policy Manual ? Target market definition ? Risk Acceptance Criteria ? Limit analysis Module III: Market Risk Management ? Introduction to Market Risk ? Definitions Trading Book Banking Book ? Components of Risk Management ? Equities ? Interest Rates ? Foreign Exchange ? Commodities ? Measuring Market Risk In Line With Basel II ? Measuring Tools ? Measuring Methods Class Module IV: Operational Risk Management ? Introduction to Operational Risk ? Definition of Terms ? Risk Control & Self-Assessment (RCSA) ? Key Risk Indicators (KRI) ? Risk Mitigation ? Basel II and Operational Risk ? Capital Computation of Operational Risk ? Current Issues and Previous Failures in Operational Risk ? Flaws in identification and measurement ? Flaws in reporting and monitoring